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  1. Sky Powers

Sky is a scientist, inventor, and co-founder of the Scrub Squad. He creates all the devices used by his friends and is also the user of the Gravity Stone in the Quantum Hole saga. He is also a student of Whis and Vados. He is spirit linked with Mitsuzo (Something similar to Kami and Piccolo), an event that happened in the bonus episode of The Cosmic Contract.


Sky has long blue hair usually tied in a pony tail. His skin is similar to an African American. His eyes are Emerald. He usually wears a black Gi. (All of Sky's clothes as of August 1st 2017. CLICK PHOTO TO SEE ALL CLOTHES!)

IAll of Sky's cloth August 2017MG 4146


Sky is a joking and naturally makes jokes out of every situation. However, when something danger happens or a friend dies, Sky becomes serious and prepares to fight. He refers to himself less as a hero and more as someone who only saves the omniverse because he lives in it. Otherwise he considers himself 'evil'. (Sky's family chart. All of Sky's clothes as of July 2017 on the right)

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Sky's Family and Friends Chart

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All of Sky's Clothes as of July 13th 2017


• Origin Of Sky Powers Saga

The Kosumosu homeplanet was having a peaceful day before the Saiyans arrive. Each and everyone Kosumosu besides Sky and his brother Star were killed. Cloud Powers sent off Sky and Star off to a far planet in hopes they'd be saved. However, Sky's pod along with Sky's sword went off course and landed on a prison planet. Many years later, Star appeared on the prison planet. Due to the Kosumosu extremely slow body aging, they were still only toddlers. However, Star was years older. One day, Sky met Slayer, a brutal Saiyan boy also in the prison. Sky decided to unite Star, himself, and Slayer to break out. They succeded and went their separate ways. Sky landed on the sister planet to yardrat. Here, he met Obaru Ryuki and Kabu. They fought Ozotto. Kabu and Obaru died in battle but Sky left to fight another day.

•Deleted or non saga posts:

Sky, Obaru, and Kabu come together once again and create a group known as the Scrub Squad. Eventually, a young boy named Serall landed on the planet right in front of Sky. Sky trained and took the boy into the Scrub Squad. He also met a women named Cereza who took him in like he was her own son. He one day met a girl named Haruka who became his girlfriend.

•The Strongest Saga/100 Post Saga:

One day while training in space, a man in a suit appeared and asked Sky to participate in a fighting tournament. Sky battled multiple people before Kabu called him in to train. Kabu had been training with Whis at the time, so the angel teleported Sky to Beerus' realm and training began. Whis opened up training by inviting Sky to attempt to hit him. However, Sky got not a single hit in that day, motivating him to try harder. The next day, Whis sent Sky and Kabu into a room with extreme pressure. It had to be far beyond 250G. Sky was forced into the Cosmic Wonderer state, his race's transformation, but it was still to much for Sky, causing him to pass out. Days later, Sky went back in, against Whis warning in order to train more. He lasted longer then the first time, however the end result was the exact same. He began doing push ups in the weight room and soon, got use to the room. Whis decided to up the training and placed weighted clothing on Sky. This caused Sky to scream in pain and awaken the god of destruction, Beerus. Kabu would not let his friend die and stepped in. Beerus began attacking them but they dodged the attacks at full speed. The duo released a full force blast but Beerus had not a scratch. They decided there was only one way to win and combined to form Skabu. They attacked the god, seemingly being even but Beerus was supressing himself. They entered a Kaioken Super Saiyan form and launched their most powerful attack, however, Beerus survived. Skabu attempted launching a super powerful Star Punch. It connected but before they could launch another attack, they unfused. Beerus was going to kill them, but Whis chopped the god and saved them. Sky and Kabu went their separate ways and Sky returned to the tournament, unsure of why they held it off so long. The tournament rules stated that each of its champions had to fight 20 opponents. After fighting his 20 opponents, Sky was ready to fight his final opponent. He was fighting a man named Seid, who was defeating Sky easily. His powers caused Sky to see visions of everyone he ever cared for dying. This caused Sky to awake his Super Saiyan state from the blood Obaru gave him, as he'd met Obaru as a kid even before meeting him on the sister planet of Yadrat. Sky brutally killed Seid and won the first round. Sky was now forced to fight 8 more opponents, drafting 2 in the first battle so he decided to take a break. He met an Icejin named Absolute Zero. This was the final match of the tournament as Zero has beat the other 5 opponents. They fought and Sky enjoyed it. Zero had a personality that rubbed off on Sky, causing Sky to be a bit nicer. A cloaked man interrupted their fight and they double teamed him, however, he knocked them out. They reawoken inside an unknown building. After fighting their way to the main room, they found a group known as the Elders. The Elders trained Absolute Zero and Sky but eventually killed Zero. This sent Sky into a rage and caused him to transform (Now Non-canon. In the new canon, Sky simply just battled the Elders). After fighting the Elders at full power, he snapped their necks. He flew through the universe at full speed to get away before eventually passing out from exhaustion. He reawoke in Beerus' Realm, next to Whis. Sky was still tired but Whis passed him down to a new person; Vados.

•The Strongest Saga (Hit Arc):

Sky awoke in Vados' Cube as they headed back to Champa's Realm. He made small talk but nothing more until they reached Champa's Realm. He laughed, Refering to Champa as "Fat Beerus" but Champa was angry. The God launched forward at Sky, ready for a fight. Sky had a future vision of earth destroyed and quickly stopped the fight. He warned Vados that it was urgent and she rushed him back. She took him to namek where Sky searched for the dragon balls to revive the recently destroyed planet earth. After collecting them, he revived all the good people on the planet along with the tuffles race and the planet itself. Vados took Sky back to resume the fight, however, Sky apologized as he wasn't stupid enough to fight a god, telling Champa that he was even stronger then Beerus. Vados agreed to train Sky and Sky decided to sleep. While sleeping, Sky had dreams of the Scrub Squad having a war with itself. When Sky awoke, Vados told him she had a special person for him to meet, so they returned to a planet in universe 6. There, Sky met Hit. The two battled in Hit easily knocked out Sky. Once Sky awoke again, he attempted fighting Hit again, but his own weighted clothing kept him from fighting well, and he passed out again. He was freezing when he woke back up. Hit asked Sky how fast he was, and after showing him his speed, Hit agreed to train Sky to use the time-skip. They trained for weeks in different environments while Hit thought Sky about the different pressure points of the body. Sky eventually brought Hit and himself into the Hyperbolic Sky Chamber, a room Sky created that was a knock off of the hyperbolic time chamber, enclosed in a capsule. They trained for days before finally reaching the day Hit would teach Sky the time-skip. They engaged in an epic battle where Sky beat Hit. After recovery, the time-skip training truly began. Sky trained and trained for weeks before reciving a call from Kabu. During this call, Sky informed Kabu that other universes existed before giving Kabu time to think on the information. Many more weeks later, Sky and Hit had a finale battle due to both now learning the time-skip. They tied and shook hands before Vados took him back home to Universe 7. Sky came home to his coffee shop that he shared with Cereza. Here, he met the swordsman Ronin, who he recruited into the Scrub Squad.

•The Strongest Saga (Chapters 66-100)

Sky took a quick visit to ScrubCo before getting into a time traveling, spaceship car. He flew himself and Ronin to namek before dropping Ronin off there. He went back home and watched a movie with his girlfriend Haruka before reciving a call from Kabu and Serall to come to the past. He got into his time traveling car and went back in time to assist Serall and Kabu. They trained in the Sky Chamber before summoning Shenron. They learned the process of the Super Saiyan God transformation but time also began collapsing. They hurried back to the past where Kabu became a super Saiyan God. Kabu's sudden burst of power caused Sky to fly off, knowing that Kabu was now leagues above him. Sky returned back to Vados and Champa, requesting knowledge on if there were more transformations. After they told him, he was sent on an assassin mission. While searching for something mid mission, he encounter the Elders again. They showed him a kid named Tsuki before forcing them to fight. Sky easily won and allowed Tsuki to heal up. Once healed, they battled two of the Elders in a sparring match. They did countless missions together, including going on a battle planet and Sky nearly dying before Sky convinced Tsuki to help him kill the Elders. Tsuki agreed and they tricked the Elders into a fight. They knocked out Tsuki but after Sky killed them, he took him to Champa's realm. They trained and trained before Sky challenged Beerus a final time. Beerus was about to kill Sky but Sky offered to show Beerus a Super Saiyan God and Food. Beerus agreed and took Sky to earth, where Sky fought the new Super Saiyan God, Kabu. It was a close fight but Sky loss due to Kabu's Godly Power.

•Post TSG-Pre 6SOG

Sky decided to propose to Haruka, who gladly accepted. They got married in front of the entire SS. Days after this, Sky met his previously thought to be dead friend Kano. Sky went back and trained with weights with Vados. He went off planet for a short while and met Star again for the first time in years. But this was shortlived as Star was soon killed.

•6 Stages Of Grief

After Star's death, Sky entered a state of depression while training with Whis. Whis denied Sky of any training until he regained himself to become the fighter he once was.

•Post 6SOG-Pre QH

Sky entered a tournament where he re met Hit and he traveled to the Kosumosu homeplanet to talk to the last Kosumosu besides himself: Uni. Through a Kosumosu technique, Uni tranfered his God Ki to Sky. The technique killed Uni; making Sky the finale Kosumosu.

•Quantum Hole Saga (Gather Arc)

Sky woke up in the middle of he night when his brain was filled with weird images and names. He blacked out and awoke back up on a planet deep in space. Then he woke up on a cliff on that same planet. He found a green diamond floating in front of him with voices telling him to touch it. Once he grabbed it, his pupils changed green, his clothes turned green, his aura gained a green outline, and a symbol appeared on his back. A voice screamed into Sky's head, telling him of his purpose and what he needed to do, of a system of knights and stone holders, with the Knights protecting the Stone Holders. He began blacking out again but he remembered his purpose. On the Kai's planet of Universe 7, a large man appeared. He asked Supreme Kai where the destruction stone was, to which he replied he didn't know. The man (Named Apollon) began threatening that he would blow up the entire realm. The Supreme Kai turned over the stone. After Apollon left, Supreme Kai informed the other Kais to ask their strongest warriors to fight. Whis called and informed Sky of what was happening. Sky started a group meeting for the Scrub Squad (Kabu, Akai, Ronin, Xeno, Tsuki, Haruka) and told them all what was happening, and they agreed to help. They suited up with new clothing Sky made and went to the Kai's planet. The Kai explained what happened when Tsuki's chest began to glow green. It was where they found out that Tsuki was Sky's knight. They returned to earth and, using Sky's Universal Scrub Plane, traveled to the Kosumosu homeplanet and hoped to find a stone. The group split up and Sky went blind temporarily while playing with chemicals. On the other side of the planet, Xeno find a stone and Akai was discovered to be his Knight. The group reunited when they heard explosions. They were greeted by Apollon, who warned them not to fight. But then, Serall appeared, as he was off earth at the time. He was holding the life stone. They all entered the Scrub Plane and flew off. Across the Omniverse, warriors we're getting information from the Kais and learning of their mission. Back in U7, The Scrub Squad felt an evil vibe from earth. They stopped by and found a man named Zero, who also had one of the 10 stones. Sky agreed to fix Zero's ship and Zero agreed to help. Whis called and warned Sky that Zero might be dangerous, but Sky didn't listen. The group flew to the original planet where Sky found the first stone, but Apollon was there. They attack him and we're easily defeated. In the midst of being unconscious, Zero stole Sky's stone and disappeared, but Kabu found the Lightning Stone. The group flew to Universe 6 and were encountered by two men named Cilan and Takumi. They were a pair of Knight and Holder respectively who held the Absorbtion Stone and also asked to battle Sky. Sky was still blind and his opponents were powerful so he loss the battle, but they still agreed to join the team. On the very same planet (Sadla), another pair of Knight and Holder appeared. They met Mitsuzō and Mizū, a pair almost like mirror versions of Cilan and Takumi. Mitsuzō was the Holder of the Mind Control Stone. Mitsuzō didn't want to join but Mizū convinced him. They all entered the Universal Scrub Plane and flew to Universe 9. The Scrub Squad along with their new friends met the Holders Zoltan and Hikari and the Knights Jäger and Maburu along with a child named Xixan who wanted to help. They told Sky of their mission and Sky told them to hop aboard. They all came together and finally, all the Knights and Holders were united.

The Stone HomdersIMG 6200

•Quantum Hole Saga (Absolute Zero Arc) While recovering from his battle injuries and blindness in the healing pod, Sky was kidnapped. Zero appeared on the ship and informed them that they'd have one way to get Sky back. Zero then teleported away. Hours later, he sent them a holographic message saying they'd need to fight in a tournament and the winner would get a chance the fight Zero. If they were to beat him, they'd get a chance to get Sky back. They agreed and were teleported to a strange realm. He had them put on devices on their head that teleported them into a vertual realm. There were 6 teams of 3 including people they'd never seen before like Xcizin and Sakou. Kabu, Xcizen, Ronin, Kozkorun, Hikari, Xixan, Akai, Takumi, and Cilan loss and were thought to be dead, but were teleported to the ship again. The winners were teleported to a castle and Zero eliminated them one by one to make Tsuki angry. As Tsuki thought they were being killed, he transformed into a Super Saiyan for the first time. Zero teleported Tsuki and Haruka to a coliseum and challenged them. The Coliseum was on a real planet close to the ship, so the ship flew to it. Tsuki and a Haruka fought well but were eventually "killed". Sky escaped from his tourture planet and arrived at the coliseum. He saw Tsuki and Haruka dead and entered his evolved God form for the first time. He fought Zero and Maburu (Who was evil and switched over to help Zero). Eventually he beat them, but the planet was on the verge of destruction. He teleported back to the ship right before the planet exploded, unsure of the fate of Zero and Maburu. He found that Haruka and Tsuki were okay but very injured. Days later, Sky and Serall had a training session for old times sake.

•Quantum Hole (War Arc)

Cilan spots a powerful power level on the planet that the crew was resting on. Himself, Sky, Takumi, Tsuki, and Haruka all come together and secretly go off to fight him. Cilan sees no other way to beat the power level (who reveals himself to be Apollon's Son, Leonidas) and blows himself up in an attempt to kill Leonidas. Sky, Takumi, Tsuki, and Haruka assume Leo is dead and go back to the ship. As assume as they arrive back home, Takumi attacks Sky; blaming him for sending Cilan into the fight. Ronin and Zoltan suggest two different ways to get revenge on Cilan'a death. Everyone splits into two teams, Team Ronin (Sky, Xinan, Tsuki, Kabu, Ronin, Xeno, Sakou, Mizū, and Mitsuzō) and Team Zoltan (Zoltan, Serall, Haruka, Takumi, Hikari, Jäger, Xcizen, and Akai). Sky allows Team Zoltan to take his ship and they leave. Sky teleports to earth and collects his tools along with his sword. Sky teleports back to the planet and him and the crew build a new ship. Zoltan's team trains in the heat while Leonidas heals himself and visits his father. Mitsuzō test his stone and mind controls Sakou and Ronin. Mind Control Ronin forces Sky to crash their ship into Zoltan's ship. He listens and forces them both to crash into a beach planet. The greed of the mind control stone makes Mitsuzō evil. Mitsuzō and Mind Control Sakou fight Kabu. Ronin sneaks behind and slashes Mitsuzō's back to save Kabu. Mitsuzō summons a dragon from his stone and flies away after mind control Serall and forcing him away. Takumi can't take it anymore and flies away. Team Zoltan leave. Eventually, Sky finds out you have to be near death to summon the dragon so he jumps in front of A blast and summons his gravity dragon then flies away quickly. The rest do Team Ronin fight an army unit eventually the army injures Sakou and Xinan. Kabu, Mizū, and Ronin blow the army away. Sakou and Xinan decide to leave. Mizū suggests they all go to the planets military base and steak spaceships. Mizū decides to take a ship and leave. Kabu and Xeno are about to leave too and suggest Ronin go but Ronin declines and him and Tsuki go off and search for Team Zoltan for a final battle against Leonidas. Team zoltan are training but then Haruka is taken by Takumi. Akai and Xcizen leave and the remainder of Team Zoltan discover a huge power level. They go to the planet and discover Leonidas. Leo beats up Hikari and Leonidas'S guards take him to their planet as a prisoner. Ronin and Tsuki show up and Zoltan, Jäger, Ronin, and Tsuki defeat Leonidas. Zoltan and Jäger leave and Ronin gets picked up by Kabu and and Xeno. Tsuki doesn't want to go and stays on his own.

•Quantum Hole Saga (Reunite Arc)

A year passed and Tsuki had finished building a new ship. He blasted off to Universe 2 and located Akai, Xcizen, Sakou, and Xinan, training. They hopped into the ship after being convinced to come back. He then went to Universe 3 and found Takumi's planet. There, Tsuki reunited without Haruka and Tsuki and they went to the next planet. The group then located Mitsuzō, who had gone insane due to the mind stone. The group battled him until the effects wore off and Mitsuzō turned back to normal. A week passed and the group collected Mizū off camera. Tsuki travels back to Earth of Universe 7. He requests everyone but Haruka and Akai to stay on the ship. The three go to Sky's mansion, where it's revealed that Tsuki called Kabu, Ronin, and Xeno to meet up with him. The group notices that there's a new girl, named Kume, who wanted to fight as well. The 4 come on board and another week passes, where Zoltan and Jäger come to the team off screen. They travel to a planet in Universe 12 where they find Sky in a cave. Sky hands Haruka a new suit and he himself is wearing the planet's clothing. They convince him to come back and he tells them that Apollon's Planet, Guerra, is right next to them. They fly the ship down to the planet and are immediately met by Apollon. Sky, Zoltan, Kabu, Sakou, Haruka, and Takumi all battle Apollon while the rest fly to the top of the castle and discover Hikari. However, many guards stood in front of his cell. The group fought the guards while Tsuki broke Hikari out. Hikari defeats all the guards and Tsuki's group regroups with Zoltan's team. The 16 stand there, ready for the war. Then they all fly forward: The Final Battle has begun.

•Quantum Hole Saga (Final Battle Arc) I don't feel like explaining this or typing this out but I'll explain in a nutshell. The team spreads the soldiers amongst themselves and Sky and Kabu fuse using the earrings, become Kyabu Red. While the teams fight, Apollon defeats them when they're distracted and relaxed and takes all of the stones. He then uses the stones to create a new dimension known as the Quantum realm. The gang fights him and temporarily keep up but he decides that the only way to beat them without killing them is to send them into a perfect dream. Once inside the dream, they're given anything they've ever wanted. But they realize that this can't be real because there are flaws in reality. They use all their power and break out to continue the fight. The team is easily defeated but Cilan breaks from heaven (like Goku in bojack unbound) and uses his ultimate attack to stun Apollon before fading away. The group grabs the stones then used every ounce of power they have until one big attack called the omnistrike. Apollon breaks apart a small bit from his body and fuses with Sakou, without anybody including sakou knowing. Skipping forward a week or few, there's a party in celebration. Kabu and Sky had a battle in the week in between. in the current day party, everyone is saying their goodbyes and waiting for Sky to take them home. Sky gives everyone video chat watches to call each other whenever they want. He then takes everyone home and the story ends happily.

•The Cosmic Contract: Weeks pass and Sky decides to pay his adoptive mother a visit. She tells him how much she's missed him. They spend the entire day working their coffee shop and talking about old times. The next day, he goes to Beerus' realm and Whis gives him a new gold and blue Gi. Sky thanks Whis and is happy about the new clothes. Across the universe, Sky's old nemesis named Elder Red is revealed to be alive and working on reviving a mystery icejin. He sends out a contract to kill Sky Powers. Assassins come to U7's earth and attempt to kill Sky by blowing up his house while he's inside. He escapes and mercilessly kills all of the assassins. While he's turned around, one of the assassins attempt to kill Sky, but he's saved by a man named The Hoshi. The Hoshi is actually another Assassin who's revealed to know time-skip, being better at it then Sky. Hit teleports to the battle and saves Sky before he's killed. When sky wakes up from being unconscious, He asks where they are. Hit explains that they're in U6 and there's a contract on Sky. Sky asks why he took him away and threatens to kill Hit if Haruka and his mom are dead. Hit warns that Sky should be happy that he isn't going after him. Sky calms down and realizes that earth is probably fine. Sky asks how the Hoshi knows time-skip. Hit says he's an old student that was brought back to life with a method that wasn't the dragon balls. The method drove him to become a killer and assassin. Hit explains that no one has ever seen the hoshi's face, only the blue hair and that Hoshi died saving his brother. Sky then goes to Whis' place. He trains with a Whis in a gravity chamber from a capsule that he stole from capsule corp. the two train until Sky gets tired. The next day, Sky and Whis began thinking about Sky's loss of God power in The QH event. Whis then brings up how Kosumosu are the polar opposite of Saiyans. So instead of being tranquil to bring fourth a final form, Whis proposed he get angry. Whis then triggered Sky's anger until Sky bursted with a pink light, signaling a final form. The story skips two weeks and Sky wakes up in the middle of night. His "Skype Watch" begins malfunctioning. A golden man appears on his watch and announced that his name is Gemumeka and his people have been watching important events for a while. He then messes with Sky's mind and takes him into "space". He explains to Sky that he's having a large battle royale. Sky says he'll join and then Gemumeka returns Sky to his room of Whis' planet and leaves. Sky returns to earth and steals some stuff to fix his watch. Once it's fixed, he messages Kabu, Ronin, and Xeno then Zoltan and then Sakou. He sees a large Ki explosion and goes to the islands where he sees an icejin with a hood. He punches the hood off and his friend Absolute is revealed to be the one under the cape. Sky is happy Absolute Zero is alive but he soon find out Absolute wants to kill him. He's confused as to why but Absolute begins to attack. They battle as Sky defends himself and it's revealed The Hoshi is standing on a cliff far away, waiting to kill Sky. Absolute transforms into a golden Frieza like form known as Absolute Lapis. Absolute gets Sky on the ground and prepares to kill Sky but Hoshi launches a blast at them. Absolute doesn't want Sky to die from anyone but him or he doesn't complete the Cosmic Contract, so he grabs Sky and hops out of the way. Sky explains that he's had a fight with Hoshi before. Hoshi flys to them and Absolute tosses Sky at Hoshi. He then launched a blast at them but Hoshi stood in front of and took it. It blasted his mask off and revealed that hoshi was actually Star. Unknown to Sky, they'd both been brainwashed by Red. Sky had a mental break down and asked them why they did this. They explained the Cosmic Contract and they didn't know why sky called them Star and AZ. He then began fighting them after telling them he'd beat them to get to Red and fix them. Sky used Kaioken everytime he hit them to save his body from being injured. They battled a bit (an entire roleplay) before landing once more. They charged their energy together and resumed the fight. Sky and Star wrestled into the ocean. When AZ came towards them in the ocean, Sky moved out of the way and blasted the entire ocean. He floated up and then they soon followed. Star was in his Cosmic form. Sky realized how much damage could be done to his family if they battled on earth. He grabbed them and teleported them and himself to a lava planet. Sky went all out and was defeating them. He was more experienced. He then gave a long speech to AZ. The three battled once more and Sky knocked Star out. Sky turned around and while he turned around, AZ attempted to shoot him. Star jumped in the way (unsure of why he did so) and took the last which caused Sky to have a fit of rage. He and AZ fought for a bit before Sky beat him. AZ asked Sky to come closer and he did. AZ told Sky where red was (unsure of why he did) but then blasted Sky, causing him to go unconscious. He woke up healed with Star and AZ gone. He went to the planet Red was on and killed him. He then went back to earth and a week passed. He'd rebuilt his house and then mediated. He talked to a teddy version of Kabu before going back inside (he was outside).

•Skysuzō/Mitsky is born:

Mitsuzo arrives at Sky's door sometime the next morning. Sky is happy to see Mitsuzo as he hasn't really see anyone since the Quantum Hole event. Mitsuzo tells Sky he has something important for him before placing his hand on Sky's shoulder. He then begins giving Sky all of his Super Saiyan Blue energy until he's ran out. Sky asks why Mitsuzo is doing this and Mitsuzo explains he doesn't want to be bound by the curse anymore. Mitsuzo explains vaguely a bit more about what this power is before fading to dust. Sky then realizes he has to hold back roughly 10-40 percent of his power in battle now OR just AVOID USING Mitsuzo's energy all together in battle to avoid killing killing his friend. He mentally swore to himself to only use the power when fighting Apollon level or above enemies. It was later revealed that Mitsuzo didn't transfer all of his blue power, Sky doesn't need to hold back much and possibly not at all.

•Becoming the strongest for the tournament: Sky was awoken to the sound of a doorbell being rung. It was Supreme Kai, assuring he has a surprise for Sky. Sky got dressed and the two went to the supreme Kai of time's world. There, Sky reunited with Cilan. The two talked a bit and trained. A few days later, he put a LARGE gravity chamber in the desert. He along with 3 clones trained for a bit before the machine blew up and Sky had to go else where to train. Whis picked him up and they went to train on Whis' planet. Sky surprises Whis with ice cream and the angel puts it away before their training began. After their training, Sky pulls out a portable Sky Chamber portal. He throws down the capsule, causing a door to appear from the capsule. Sky says by to Whis then goes in to train for 12 months (12 posts). In that year, he advances his Time-Skip to Advanced Analyst Time-Skip, he learns how to use the regular Kaioken and not harm his body, gets a call from Kabu, Xeno, Kume, and Ronin, and creates Super Kosumosu. He becomes an overall stronger fight because of the experience. When he steps out, its revealed Kabu was here and has unlocked a secret new power. During the night time, Sky goes into the Sky Chamber and unlocks his final form, known as the Kamihakai. He goes to sleep and is awoken by Gēmu. Gēmu allows Sky to get dressed and they teleport to the arena. Everyone else arrives and Gēmu explains the rules. Let the biggest RP battle begin!

•Omniverse's Strongest Tournament

IAll fightMG 4397

(Tournament on my Page Summary, did as best as I could): Sky leaps into the air and the battle kicks off quickly. The cold trio vegans planning their attacks and Ronin has a bit of prefight jitters. Mizū, Devonkai, Soku, Sakou, Shyriane, and Ryu all examine their opponents. Sky runs up and tries to attack Sakou from behind but Sakou catches the attack and tries to blast Sky. Sky hits the blast away but Sakou gets away. Chromesome and Shyriane bump into each other and talk before Chromesome tries to blast her. Devonkai takes note of everyone's appearance and Glaice noticed him. Soku chargers at devonkai while Chromesome and Shyriane continue their battle. Shyriane aks Chromesome for a team up again devonkai. Xeno sees the two and challenges them. Xeno and Shyriane talks for a bit and Sky takes noticed. The blue haired warrior came over to help defend his comrade in the 2V2. Mizū finds Alexander and Takumi sees Soku. Kenji and Ilani begin to battle across from all of the battles. Explosions illuminate the entire field and battles are left and right. A full war going on. Mizū and Takumi mentally communicate as Zero and Devonkai begin to battle but the Cold Trio's dark plot insues. The 3 icejins (Sage, Polaris, Snow) surround Xeno, cutting him off from Sky. Xeno shows zero fear and cracks jokes as he looks at his zero armor ring, preparing for a fight. Sky couldn't let his squadmate lose yet. The Kosumosu charged a large Sutahakai and shot it at the trio of icejins. They teleport away and Xeno gets him and Sky out of the line of fire. On the other side of the ring, Zoltan, decked out in a new suit, checks out the completion as Sage crushes Chromesomes tail after an assault to try and harm Polaris. Serall takes notices and engages in a battle with Chromesome. Alexander looks around as Sakou and Devonkai engage in battle. Sakou attempts to defeat Devonkai early but Devonkai becomes a Super Saiyan Blue and survives the assault. Kabu takes notice of the fight but simply plays his game device that he brung to the battle. Across the arena stage, Gine and Shyriane notice each other but Soku grows impatient and tries to fight Shyriane, however, Xeno interferes. He grabs Soku's hand and twists his arm. (about 118 comments).Zoltan charges his signature attack and Devonkai transforms. Kabu puts down his game system and joins the fight, mumbling "quick eliminations won't hurt..". Xeno and Soku brawl, Chromesome and Snow battle, Devonkai and Zoltan battle. Takumi and Kabu seem to draw closer to a battle. Chromosome and Snow break off, causing Serall to continue his battle with Chromosome. An angry Sakou watched the duel between Chromesome and Zoltan. The battles began to merge into each other, causing a full on war on the battle field. devonkai mustered up as much energy as he could and used a Super explosive wave. The attack causes every fighter to take cover to avoid harm. The smoke Clearwater and a new trouble was set upon the battle field. A giant Chromesome. However, it wasn't too long before the battles bled into each other once more, creating chaos among the field. Suddenly, Obaru made his appearance and kicked Devonkai. It seemed the tournament had finally got...interesting. (230 comments)

•Omniverse's Strongest Tournament continues (Tournament Summary, did as best as I could): Sky saw Obaru and Kabu and ran to them as they began to start battle without Devonkai, to which Devonkai asked why everyone wants to fight him. Alexander appeared and looked as if he was about to blast him, informing that Devonkai's time was up. Snow eliminates Chromesome and the battle rages on. Sky, Obaru, and Kabu had finally reunited after years of separation, and the tournament was about to feel their power. Mizū roamed around a corner of the arena alone along with Vul watching the video. Shy stood on the edge of the arena but soon ran back into the middle, repeating how she wouldn't laugh. Sky looked around, the arena silent. Everyone quiet or hiding. No one was fighting. It was eerily quiet, even Gēmu was quite. Him and his brothers and sisters watched from another realm, staying silent there. Sky took a moment to ponder what his next move would be. He saw Zoltan and didn't want to wait for another opponent. He launched off at full speed, sending his fist towards Zoltan's face. However, Zoltan evaded the attack and continued speaking with Cilan. On the other side of the arena, Takumi saw Cilan and cried as he ran to him. The caught up with each other while Sage and Riyuji (303 comments now). Kabu shot a blast at Riyuji, who was trying to escape Sage. Sky tossed a blast at Soku and Devonkai, but they teleported away before it could hit. Sky then ran towards Kabu, getting side to side with him and wondering if he need help with Riyuji, who recently dodged the attack from Kabu. Sky launched away from Kabu once he spotted Zoltan. He tossed a blast at him, to which Zoltan crushed. Zoltan then launched at Sky, both of them sending forth punches. Soku and Devonkai spoke while Sage and Snow charged at Riyuji, who'd recently became a Super Saiyan. Zoltan and Sky's fists connect, causing a shockwave. Zoltan commanded his suit of AI to scan Sky's fighting style as they continued to fight (323 comments). They fought more while Zero challenged Soku and devonkai. Obaru floated away from the commotion, cooking up a scheme. Zoltan and Sky's battle grew every more serious, with the two exchanging intense blows, both knowing the possibility of their loss. Kabu floated around, sadly looking for an opponent to battle. During their battle, Sky flew into the air and attempted to headbutt Zoltan. Zoltan caught the Sky's head but the force hurt his wrist. He attempted to throw Sky far away, but Sky regained his balance and asked Zoltan to go Super Saiyan. Serall heard Kabu's yelling and went to begin their fight. Zoltan said he'd do so if Sky transformed first. Sky chuckled then his smile soon disappeared, paving way for a menacing frown. The ground beneath him began to be littered with cracks. His emerald irises began to glow, descending into a crimson shade. His voice level rose, echoing across the entire tournament arena stage. The hair band that tied his hair fell off and allowed his long blue hair to freely flow. His muscles became more defined on his arms, legs, and chest. His bluish-black aura began to alter its place on the color scale, becoming a golden shade. His blue hair began to alter its color. it lost its Lapis shade of blue and became white. His legs and arms became taller and the rest of his body followed in the change. The light from his body swallowed the entire arena as Sky released a final scream. The light and smoke cleared, a proud, powerful, and bigger Sky stood compared to Sky's appearance before the transformation. Akai conversed with Snow, with a plan seemingly brewing. Mizū watched Sky's transformation in awe, noting how strong Sky was compared to a few months ago. Mitsuzo challenges Hikari to about while Alexander floated over to Mizū to talk. Soku finally accepted Zero's battle request and agreed to fight him. Serall and Kabu's battle grew on, with it seemingly growing more intense by the second. Shy fangirled over the pure epicness of the tournament while she challenged Polaris (367 comments). Zoltan powered up a bit before flying away from his fight with Sky. Shy was tossed by Polaris but stopped herself from hit anything or anyone. Zero sent multiple ki attacks which cut Soku, but Soku healed his body as their long and intense battle proved to be one of the more interesting ones of the entire fight. Ronin, after seeing sky's transformation, wondered when he'd have to fight. Cilan remained still, watching the tournament in its entirety. Polaris held a hand out to Shy, attempting to lead her until a false sense of security. She didn't taken his hand and simple joked with him. Snow seemed to be closing a deal with Akai but also watching Sky. Takumi and Cilan's fight began. Sakou threatened Devonkai and Sky reverted back to his base form. Sky then shot rapid blasts at shy, Kabu, Snow, Polaris, and Soku. Shy dodged most attacks but some hit her body. Battles continued like Zero Vs Soku. Gine, kenji, and Ilani were eliminated. Sakou eliminated Devonkai. Sky attacked Sakou but was blinded before Sakou ran away. The war continued with multiple battles going on at once and blending into each other (424 comments) including Glaice vs Riyuji and Mizū vs Alexander. 25 fighters remain. Mitsuzō defeats Hikari and Mizū battles Ryu. Sky attempted to blast Soku, but the blast was dodged. He then ran at Soku, tackling him off the edge and bringing down himself too. But Soku shot a blast downward and propelled them both back, asking why Sky would try that. Sky had a plan that he was going to use, but the battle had to keep going. This feat was even more insane as multiple people had attempted to blast them and get them off. Alex, Soku, Takumi, and Cilan engaged in battle. Alex powered up, charging forward and tackling Takumi off the stage with a X30 Kaioken. Sky noticed Takumi being hit off the arena. He also noticed the person who knocked Takumi off being incredibly damaged and injured, possibly almost dead. He didn't waste time at all and blasted across the stage at full speed. Sky kicked Alex in the back, sending him flying off the stage without hesitation. Sky Vs Cilan began along with the icejins beginning to come together, with snow threatening Riyuji. Akai, snow, and Glaice began to all assault the lone Saiyan, but Mizū showed up and blocked some of their death beams from their massive attack. Xeno came and hit Mizū, which caused them both to stop and talk and scan up each other. Sky was paralyzed by Cilan and slowly being sent off the ring. Sky used a combination of a ki blast, time-skip, and the overall time it would take to throw him off the ring to slow Cilan down. Xeno heard Sky's grunts and ran at full speed using a transformation and his zero armor suit. He saved Sky from falling before continuing his battle with Mizū. Sky used a new attack, teleporting back to Cilan with instant transmission and all of his star punch energy conversed to a single finger, using the flicks air to push Cilan off. This attack was known as the instant Galactic flick shot. Shy began to ask Polaris about how team up. (From here on out, I'm mostly focusing on Sky) Cilan was soon eliminated and it seems Xeno was close to being defeated after many battles happening across the 21 fighters (618 comments). Kabu rescued Xeno and Sky yells to the Scrub Squad a signal to fight the icejin. Sky attempts to punch Sage but Sage uses time-skip and dodged. The two then engage in a battle with ki blades. They time-skipped A bit as the rest of the Scrub Squad caught on and began fighting icejins. Sky attempted a kick on Sage, but Sage tried to slice his leg, causing Sky to write the biggest response in his entire career up to this point (picture below, 667th and 668th comment in the entire tournament)

Sku's attack IMG 3653

Sage, however, went "Speed Demon" with an improved time-skip, causing sky to simply hit an after images. Vul was soon eliminated (19 fighters left. 760 comments) Sky dashed away as Sage began to attack Kabu. Sky attacked Sakou but to no affect. Sakou attempted to blast Sky, however, Sky dodged and noticed Kabu getting double teamed. He promised Sakou they'd fi again then he left to help Kabu with Sage and Snow. Mizū arrived to help Kabu and Sky. Snow activated a barrier that would essentially shut down someones body. He asked Sky to hit him however, Sky responded that he would have attacked if he wasn't asked to attack. He then shot many blasts at Snow and Mizū attacked Snow as well. Kabu suggested him and Sky battle Sage. Serall eliminates Glaice and Xeno elliminates Polaris. Sky noticed a break in the action and he was annoyed, causing him to fly over to Ronin and attempt to fight. However, Kabu soon stopped him and asked why he left, confused since they had a plan to stop the icejins (photo below, 840th and 841th comments. 17 fighters left) they talked and came up with a plan. Not too far away, the titanic battle between Mizū and Snow ended

IMG 3967Sniw Vs Mizu ends

And Akai was soon eliminated. Sky ran off from Kabu in order to save his energy for the last few battles that would soon occur. Ronin sweated as he was surrounded by Xeno and Serall, knowing that this could be his end and thinking of a plan, with him quote asking Xeno "what brings you to me and Serall" and "Fancy seeing you here". Ryu was soon eliminated, leaving 13 fighters. Ronin ran away as Serall and Xeno began to get into a fight themselves. Shy Vs Zoltan Vs Obaru started. Riyuji was soon Eliminated, leaving 12 fighters (917 comments). Mitsuzō soon sends a super explos wave, burying Sky in rocks. Sky pops up and tells Mitsuzo to fight someone else. Mitsuzo is soon eliminated. And after a titanic and intense battle With Zoltan, Shy was ellimnated from being thrown off by Xeno who was showing her mercy since she was terribly injured. Sky asked Sakou to fight, which Sakou agreed. Sky then surprise attacked Sakou and used time-skip. After they battled a bit longer, with sky using attacks such as the Sutahakai Burst, Sky noticed Sakou used an attack that kept him (Sakou) stuck to the ground, which made for a boring fight. He asked Sakou if he would actually fight, to which Sakou replied with silence. Sky then flew off to confront Xeno. In the distance, Obaru charged a super powerful technique by trapping Zoltan in a dome then launching a full power attack (2 comment attack, 1011 comments). A battle between Kabu and Ronin seemed to draw near. Some time later, Ronin was eliminated along with Zoltan (someonehow) escaping Obaru's attack. Zero went to attack Zoltan and Sky and Xeno's fight begun. Sky kicked Xeno off the ring but Xeno was revealed to be an after image. A battle between Zoltan vs Zero and Obaru as Xeno and Sky fought intensely. Sage came and aided Zoltan, making the battle Sage and Zoltan Vs Zero and Obaru. Zoltan was soon eliminated. Sky became chained by Xeno's attack and thrown off the arena. Kabu then went to attack Xeno. Sky blasted himself back up on to the ring, angry and prepare to battle before becoming a Super Kosumosu and breaking the chains (2 comment reponse). Sky ran away to heal but Kabu ran in front of him. Sky then used time-skip to escape without a trace. Sage was eliminated soon. As everyone rested, Sky, with the use of a ki blast and time-skip, framed Sakou, making Obaru and Zero thinking Sakou shot at them. However, it was soon revealed Obaru knew it was Sky and he was simply saving Sky for last. The battle between Obaru and sakou begins. Sky ran away and Obaru teleported to him, incasing both in a dome to protect them. Obaru asked for Sky to team up with him so they could defeat Sakou quickly, however, Sky did not want to double team Sakou. Obaru agreed, leaving Sky in the barrier to regain his strength before going to fight Sakou. Sky didn't want to stay in the barrier or get Obaru's help, but he simply relaxed, waiting for a fight. After a good and long fight throughout the tournamen, Sakou was defetaed by Obaru. Obaru then released the barrier from Sky and the two talked. Obaru then went to fight Xeno, who he beat. Kabu appeared before Sky, telling him that there was no where to run and he was doing this for his students. Sky explained that he was thankful for Xeno and then attacked Kabu with a star punch time-skip and asked for Kabu to use the power Whis mentioned (3 comment response).

Sky Vs KabuIMG 5080

•Kabu Vs Sky in the OST:

Kabu asked Kyuri (another soul who was evil in his body) to not enterfere with this battle. Kyuri agreed. This battle had been building for months maybe years. Kabu spoke more words of how he'd train and how Sky needed to use full power. He then began to trick Sky by running at high speeds and confusing sky to where he actually was. He then jumped above and blasted Sky then teleported back down and attempted to uppercut Sky, but sky caught the attack. Sky then went on a speech about his own training before shooting ki blasts into the air. He then tossed Kabu over his shoulder and into the ground, once again asking Kabu to use the power Whis mentioned. Sky had much determination and anger when asking, not joking for once in his life. Both of them took the match very serious and no jokes were exchanged. Kabu inhaled quickly before he hit the ground to avoid getting the wind knocked out of him (which is possibly the greatest Detail I've seen throughout the entire tournament, maybe my whole career). Kabu got into a boxing stance and went to town. He punched Sky twice then tried to clothesline him, however, Sky blocked it and shot a ki blast into the air but was sent flying. He got back up and ran away kabu at high speeds while kicking dust, creating a sandstorm around Kabu. He then he launched out and attempted slamming his elbow into Kabu's back. But Kabu dropped to the ground and kicked Sky into the air. Sky tossed ki blasts into the air before descending back down and attempting to star punch Kabu in the head. the reminaing 3 fighters watched their intense battle. But, Kabu charged an attack of his own with his fist. both fighters launched their super powered Punch, resulting in a beam struggle like clash of fists. Sky, after a speech, used his unoccupied hand to try and blast Kabu. Kabu ducked then attempted to punch Sky in the jaw. Sky blasted himself back to put some distance between him and Kabu. Kabu instantly blasted after him and launched a punch, Sky blasted ki into the air then blocked the punch. Sky hopped off the ring, opting to fight another day.

•The Strongest Z:

Taking place days, possibly weeks after the tournament, Sky and Ronin are on a mission. They by pass guards, killing a few of them before killing their target; a mob boss. The visit the mob bosses grave a few days later before teleporting home to earth. Taking place sometime later, Sky was using a gravity machine that he made on some planet in U7. He set the gravity to 25,000 and trained in it, dodging laser bots. After he finished, he declared it was time to see Uni. He teleported to King Kai's, causing the Kai to almost crash his car into Sky. Sky asked King Kai if Uni had came passed there. King Kai referred to Uni as Universe, which surprised Sky that anyone knew Uni's full name. The Kai said Uni was probally in hell, which made Sky ask King Yemma to take him to Uni's hell. A guide took Sky to Uni's Hell. It seemed that Uni was insane, as he instantly tried to attack sky, but Sky blocked the attack. Uni then laughed happily and menacingly at seeing Sky again; Realizing why his torture had stopped. Sky asks Uni to teach him a new technique, to where they spend the little time Uni has free teaching Sky how to use a new attack called "Energy Save". Uni reveals it's time for Sky to go and Sky, in tears, teleports home to a desert on earth where he sadly griefs. He isn't truly sure why he's sad. Sometime later, he gets a fresh pair of his Samurai Gi before teleporting to ScrubCorp, taking the ScrubPlane, and flying into space. After being in space for a while, he sets the ship on autopilot. He puts on a blue weighted Gi then goes into the gravity chamber at the back of the ship and trains at 25,000 Gravity, awaiting his next adventure. After exercising for a while, Sky went back to the pilot's seat and recived an assassination request on his watch. The request came with information revealing that he was killing 5 people known as the Sokudo; men who steal stuff and use their stealen items to take the law into their own hands and kill criminals, no matter how small the crime. Sky then learns from his computer that his targets aren't too far away, so he flies there. After he lands, he enters the city. The world has one big city surrounded by water and many small islands littered throughout the planet. He runs into an alleyway to get time to quietly find the Sokudo. But instead, he's suprised by Hit. Sky then learns that Hit is on the same planet because of assassin business and he finds out that they have the same targets. Sky then attacks Hit, even using Kamihakai mid battle. They fight and eventually Hit has Sky upside down by the leg when the Sokudo appear. They reveal their names as Prower, Kui, Fasuto, Sanda, and Raiton. Hit kills Raiton instantly with Flash Fist Crush. Hit and Sky then fly into the air but are tackled by the 4 remaining ones with Sanda and Kui tackling Sky and the remaining two tackling Hit. Sky teleports out of his opponents grip, causing them to crash into an island becau they couldn't low down. Sky kicks Prower then teleports behind him and punches him into the island and Hit throws Fasuto. Hit and Sky descen to the Island and fight the Sokudo again. Hit kills prower after knocks Fasuto far into the forest. Fasuto sneaks behind Hit and Sky then leap into the sky and shoot a blast. Sanda and Kui, standing in front of Hit and Sky, both shoot blasts at the same time. The trio's full power blast would hit the assassins. The blast hit Sky and Hit, making Sanda, Kui, and Fasuto think they were dead. However, Sky appeared behind Sanda and Kui and blasted their heads off. Hit appeared behind Fasuto, asking how he knew they were on the planet. Fasuto explained that many assassins come after them and they knew the two famous assassins of Hit and Sky would come one day. Hit tells Fasuto that he was honorable before killing him. Sky and Hit then talk for a bit, with Hit saying it was fun and Sky laughing at Hit complimenting him. They say their sad but hopeful farewell as Hit flies away. Sky goes back to his ship and flies away.

IHit mini arcMG 7626

A few days later, Sky is on Beerus and Whis' planet where he trains. Sky and Whis train for a bit. After it ends, Sky reveals to Whis that he doesn't like to rely on him, to which Whis replies with "Okay" and goes to do something. Beerus had been eating a lobster that Sky brought when he first arrived. He finished it before Sky and Whis finished training. Sky then asks Beerus how strong Champa is, to which Beerus replies that Champa is weaker then him (Beerus). He then asks Sky why he doesn't just fight him (Beerus), to which Sky replies that he's not even close to him. Beerus then sneezes, accidentall shooting a ki blast and destroying a small planet. Sky is freaked out by this but smiles at the thought of being stronger then lord Champa. Sky is next shown on a mostly deserted planet. He has the portable Sky chamber door with him from a capsule that he made. The door was dug in the ground so that it wouldn't fall over, which would trap him. He stepped inside, putting on weighted gear and began training. After a while, his muscles got tired. He dropped the weighted gear and ate a stake bean. He ate about 2 more before taking a bath. A week later, he was doing push-ups. He eventually fell over. While thinking of a way to train, he floated deeper into the chamber. He knew that it got worse as he went deeper. He then began to literally freeze from the ice. His entire body froze but he broke out from it using Super Kosumosu. He then began destroying ice with his ki blasts, with one spike almost impaling his face. As the ice got too high, he destroyed it with a sutahakai wave. Then, all the ice melted. But fire began blazing everywhere. Sky flew back to the central building. He ate more beans and drunk a few sodas before putting on weighted gear and doing a few jumps side to side and punches. Sometime later, he trained with 4 clones. The battle ended with him blasting them all. On the final day of his training, he was doing high jumps with Weighted gloves, wristbands, boots, and a weighted rope around his legs. Fire blazed higher so he flew back to the chamber, he was lost for a bit but he found his way. He stepped out of the chamber, ready to fight. In U6, Champa and Vados were in a park on Earth, eating different foods. The went to a hot dog cart, and the vendor was revealed to be Sky. Sky announced he was here to fight Champa, giving Champa a warning, and he launched. Champa caught the punch and his ice cream was knocked over. Champa threw Sky into the sky then punched him into the desert. Sky teleported behind him and tried to kick Champa but his kick was blocked. They fought in the air then Sky was blasted into the ocean where he turned Super Kosumosu. He blasted out of the ocean and the two engaged in a fight again, going into the ocean and into an ocean cave. Champa continued pumbling Sky in the cave, punching him into the wall. Sky then screamed as he went Kamihakai. Sky punched Champa, landing his first real below before Champa destroyed the cave and ran away. Sky broke free from the cave and flew after Champa. The two battled until they reached space before Champa used a sphere of destruction attack. Sky grabbed the attack and painfully absorbed it, with the pure energy knocking him out. He fell to earth and into the ocean. When he woke up, Vados and Champa had him placed on a rock. Champa, with a smile, revealed he was too tired to kill Sky. The three talked a bit more before Champa and Vados brought him back to U7 in an earth wasteland. They wished him good luck as they noticed he was having trouble standing and there was noticeablue issues with him. He tried teleporting to King Kai but teleported to the wrong place 3 times. King Kai told Sky he has delayed onset ki disorder (a real DBS disese) and that he needs to rest for a while. He went home to think. the next day, he had made a small ship. He spent the day traveling the world in collecting the dragon balls. He wished for his ki disorder to be fixed, a new outfit (a blue and yellow version of Vegeta's Revivial of F outfit). And then, he wished to know if he has much potential, to which Shenron told him he had a lot. Shenron then left. He spent the next few days training with gravity and weights and heat planets. He spent time on earth, sit on his roof and remembering the old days. Through a flashback, he remembered that he didn't technically know his real name, but the pridon guards on the planet he was raised on named him Sky because his hair color. He then took a trip to the Kosumosu planet, doing gravity training in his ship on the way there. When he landed, he went inside a building, triggering a trap and blowing up the building. He then flew to a city with hospitals. He noticed that his base ki was turning into a purplish-blue instead of pure blue. He found a dead body in a hospital, triggering him to blow up the hospital in anger. Then, he found a shop called "The Powers Shop". He goes inside, noticing you have to be a Powers to unlock the door. He noticed a break room behind the counter, which you also have to be a Powers unlock. He went inside and found a safe, with a note underneath On how to unlock it. He unlocks it, and finds a journal with the word "powers" on it. He flips to the last page and finds a page talking about how his parents where naming some baby "Horus" and saying Star would take care of the baby. Leading Sky to believe that his real name is Horus. He read the page a few more times before leaving the shop and leaving the planet. Sometime on his way home, his ship ran into an asteroid field. He personally blew all the asteriods and then got tools to fix the ship before going back inside. He began reading a page from the journa referring to the "old Kosumosu". The Kosumosus used to look different and have different powers, the page explained. It was revealed that the page exists because Star asked the writer of the journal about the old Kosumosus. Sky, sometime later, began training at high gravity pressure along with using the Kaioken, first at times 5 then times 6 as he realized that was dangerous and he didn't wanna contract another ki disease. While sleeping, he recived an assasin mission on some words president, with the message stating that the President was attempting war with another world. Sky went to the planet and fought off their powerful tanks and jets easily. He went inside that worlds equvleant Of the white house, and after telling the president he was sure that he'd go to heaven, he snapped and blew up the entire military city. Helicopters then lowered around him. A man stepped and told Sky he set the bounty on he president and he was actually the one go to war with the president. Sky then killed the guy for tricking him and killed every solider in the helicopters before going back to his ship and flying off world. once on the ship, he trained with multiple weights and using the gravity machine as the ship went to earth. Once on earth, he flew pasted buildings, making sure not to create "America's second worst tragedy". He eventually landed on the ScrubCorp building and got out of the ship to rest. He is next seen on Vados and Champa's world, training in a weighted suit Vados made. He does 50,000 push-ups with a single finger before falling. The suit causes him to sink into the ground due to its weight. He begs Vados to help him. She doesn't and he flies out from his own strength. She then makes him pick up and extremely heavy weight and run across a dissepearing path with it. He runs and nearly dies but he makes it. They then train. The fighting caused Champa to come out and him and sky engage in a small fight. Champa extends his palm at Sky and sky asks what hes doing. Vados explains its a Hakai that could wipe Sky out of exsitence. Sky stops fighting and Champa offers to give him a small taste of th Hakai. Sky agrees and Champa shoots an energy of destruction attack. Sky struggles but absorbs the attack. he passes away from the attack and begins dreaming. He has a future vision, but its different then normal. He is actually in the vision instead of just seeing it. He watches a future version of himself with spiky blue hair fighting a spiky pink haired man that he'd never met (Goku Black). They blast each other and Sky is launched into another future event. he is with an army of people, some people he knew. The same Future Sky from his previous vision was there. Future Sky gave a speech and everyone threw ki blasts at someone else Sky hadn't met (Bebi). The explosion launched Sky into another event. He was in the same place but now it was night time. future Sky and Future Kabu were talking to each other. Most of the army was hurt but some still stood. Sky called Bebi an idiot then told him "I'm not gonna defeat you. We are" referring to himself and Future Kabu. They both transformed then launched at Bebi. Sky woke up from his dream, wondering how he actually was in the vision, how he had 3 in a row and how they were connected; three Things that had never happened before. Sometime later, he drew an illustration of the images he saw. Then, another time later, he went to King Kai's planet to do some intense weight training and power training for a few posts. He went back to other and did a lot of training with his clones he regarding speed and strength. Later, he went to a ice planet and full mastered super Kosumosu by absorbing the aura into him and control all the power. Later, he went back to earth and took a ship into space. He did gravity training. After the gravity training, he read about the Kosumosu army in his Kosumosu book. He saw their emblem and it inspired him. He changed it from just a lightning bolt to a bolt with stars around it; vowing to get all his allies to help him fight against the enemies he saw. He returned home to go to his coffee shop for a bit. A man named Aegeus came in to get a drink, but he was questioned by Sky. Sky asked the man if he was human, to which Aegeus replied no. Sky then told Aegeus of his vision of the villains and that evil forces were coming down to earth. Aegeus agreeed to help after Sky told his motives and that he was an assassin but Aegeus wanted to test Sky's strength. They teleported to the desert and battled, with the battle ending with Sky telling Aegeus to stand down. They smiled as Sky handed Aegeus a communication watch before Aegeus left. Sky then began walking through the desert and saw a human looking metallic body in the sand. He woke the man up and began asking him about his backstory. The guy revealed he was a tuffle and half cyborg. Sky told the tuffle about his visions and that he wanted help. The man said he'd help if he got something out of it. sky asked what he wanted and he replied with wanting to revive his brother. Sky vaguely told the man that he would revive his brother with the dragon balls. They then became allies and the man agreed to help along with revealing his name was Gen. Sky gave him a communication watch and left back to his ship and flew to Mitsuzo's planet in U6. Sky knocked on Mitsuzō's door and met Mitsuzo's daughter. Sky told Mitsuzō about his mission and that he wanted help, and Mitsuzō replied with a smile and that he would always be there to help. They fist bump and Sky then flew into space again and turned on the TV in his ship room. He saw Zoltan fighting and called Zoltan. They talked back and forth about the fight and Sky's vision. Zoltan wanted to help quickly and even teleported on to Sky's ship against his wishes. Sky tells Zoltan to stay in the ship while he talked to people and zoltan began digging through Sky's stuff. They blast off and Sky calls ronin. Ronin answers and Sky warns about his vision and the future. Ronin thought deeply about what Sky talked about such as tuffles and pink SSJ hair and agreed to help. Sky goes back to U7 earth and goes to a waterfall where Obaru is. The two catch up and Sky warns Obaru about the vision. He gives Obaru a watch and the two fist bump before Sky leaves. Sky travels to a foreign planet and meets an icejin known as Snow. The two fight to gage each other’s skills and the icejin is shown to be a pretty nice guy. After the fight, Snow agrees to help and Sky tells him to tell all his friends about him. Sky travels to universe 8 to go meet Cilan. The two have a happy meet with each other as Sky explains the threat and Cilan agrees to help. Then, Sky returns back to earth in u7 and goes to an amusement park he tracked Kabu in. Sky bumps into Kyuri (cloaked in a robe) and the two stand back to back, learning info on each other through talk and almost blowing each other up before Kyuri runs away. Sky goes to sit on a bench, wondering how Kyuri seems to know all these things only Kabu would know. Kabu walks over to Sky and Sky explains that he met someone named Kyuri, which freaks Kabu out. Sky then explains the new enemy situation, to which Kabu explains he felt the dark energy. The two agree to work together then Sky leaves. Sky goes to Whis and the two talk about his upcoming battle and Sky getting stronger. Whis says that Old Kai could unlock his potential and Sky says thanks before going to King Kai’s. From there, he uses King Kai’s attena to call Supreme Kai. Sky makes a deal with Old Kai and then Supreme Kai goes to KK’s. Supreme takes Sky to the world of the kai’s and gives him a new Kai outfit. After being sick of sitting for hours, Sky’s anger explodes. He has a massive energy explosion mid way though the ritual, and his power had noticeably changed. supreme sneakily asks Old Kai if the ritual worked, and Old Kai says only partially. Supreme gives Sky two boxes and takes him back to a wasteland on earth. Supreme Kai says bye and while Sky is alone, he screams into the sky “WHOEVER YOU ARE, KNOW THAT I AM RIGHT HERE! IM READY TO FIGHT! IM STANDING HERE! IM STANDING RIGHT HERE!” but right as he says that, the enemy from his visions descends from the clouds, shocking Sky.

•The Strongest Z: Sky Vs Black

The enemy (Black) reveals himself. Sky panicked but regained his composure and the fight begun. As they fought, Zoltan, Mitsuzo, Obaru (watching from another planet), Soku, Gen, and more begun watching the battle on mountains or far away bolders or where ever they could sit to watch the action. Sky threw every attack he had at Black, from time-skip to the suta hakai wave to instant transmission. And while Black took damage, he survived every attack. The two forced each other to transform, with Black becoming a Super Saiyan and Sky using the power of Obaru’s blood. Black asked Sky’s race if his race was a bunch of vampires and then charged at Sky. Sky acknowledges Gen and screams hello while he is fighting Black. Black and Sky engage in a series of burst attacks against each other.


•Lost/Retconned Forms: Super Saiyan, Cosmic (Kosumosu version of SSJ), God form, Super Saiyan Amethyst.

•Second Form: Super Kosumosu: Sky combined the power of SSJ and Cosmic, creating something new. His body gets bulkier but he keeps a yellow aura and his hair stays in its place but white.

•Latest Form: Kamihakai. It was unlocked with extreme rage and Whis' training. Sky gets Pinkish-Red hair and Red eye liner along with Red SSJG eyes.


•Ablities: Sky's Abilities include:


-Future Vision: Occasionally, Sky will have visions. These show him several events so he's never entirely sure which will occur. This sometimes happens in fights. These visions do not always come true, as his vision in The Strongest Saga chapter 37 did not come true. It shows him multiple futures, not what will definitely happen.

-Senses: The Kosumosu's 5 sense are the highest in the omniverse. This isn't truly relevant but it's an interesting fact.

-Intelligence: Sky's intelligence is one of the highest in the omniverse. The Kosumosus were smart but Sky is smart even by their standards. He prides himself on it and it is often of great use.

-Healing: The Kosumosus have the abilities to heal others slightly along with regenerate themselves. Their regenerate is beyond Namekians but far below Cell level.

-Inventor: Sky builds inventions for most across the universe. He has created many things such as the GLB Suit, The Scrub Plane, his entire lab at Scrub Co, and much more.

•Attacks include:

-Star Punch: Sky's signature move which he passed down to Serall. He charges his fist with a sliver and grey light/Ki before launching forward and punches his opponent. The attack has evolved into things like the Milky Way Slam, where he puts his hands together and slams them down like an axe and the Galaxy Buster which is an uncontrollable version of the regular attack. It continues evolving.

IMG 4081

The Star Punch

-Flaming storm Kick: Sky's aura is placed in his foot with a color that makes it almost flame like. He flies forward at full speed and kicks his opponent.

-Instant Galactic Flick Shot: Sky charges his energy into his arm then into his finger, making a compressed but powerful star punch.

-Suta Hakai Wave: Sky places the Star Punch energy into both hands then fires it in a blast.

-SutaHakai Burst: The SutaHakai crashes into a person then sends them into the air before the attack explodes.

-Dab Attack: Sky dabs causing a huge explosion throughout the land.

-Cosmic Silence: Sky's eyes began to look like a galaxy. An invisible wave of special energy and knocks out anyone close to him for around 20 minutes. Similar to the Haki/Haoshoku Haki from one piece.

-Time Skip Star Punch: Sky charges his Star Punch in both hands before hitting his opponent in their pressure points while also using the Time-Skip

-Time Skip: Time-Skip is a technique where the user skips time for a tenth of a second and in that limited time, they are able to move freely, the technique does not stop time however and the user's foe will still be able to move, however an unaware opponent will always be caught off guard, however if the opponent is aware of the technique they can work to counter it, as the technique is flawed in that user will not know their opponents movements either. If the user of this power has incredible speed, the user will have a greater advantage over his or her opponent. When Hit uses this technique, to outside observers, he disappears the moment he uses it and reappears somewhere else - as he is skipping that moment.

-Advanced Analysis Time-Skip: Sky freezes his opponent in the Time-Skip, and in the second he has, he uses his future vision. He then looks through every outcome and decides which one seems the most likely to happen. Once he decides, if he's right on guessing the correct timeline, he then uses the info he knows to attack his opponent with Time-Skip.

-Instant Transmission: Instant Transmission (瞬間移動, Shunkan Idō; lit. "Instantaneous Movement", also translated as "Teleportation") is a technique for traveling long distances instantly. This action is usually accompanied by the user placing his index and middle fingers on his forehead to help him concentrate, though if extra time is taken the technique can be performed without this aid.

-Kaio-Ken: Kaio-ken (界王拳; lit. "Fist of the King of Worlds" or "World King Fist") is a fighting technique invented by King Kai. It is a technique that multiplies the user's ki for a "heart beat" - thus increasing their power and speed and enabling them to inflict serious damage to opponents who are considerably stronger than them. However the downside of the Kaio-ken is that it takes a heavy toll on the user's body, making them more vulnerable to enemy attacks. While in the state, the user's aura color becomes crimson. The technique requires the use of Ki control to handle it properly.

-Automatic Reaction – Sky's body is capable of automatically reacting to any threat or attack without him having to acknowledge it. His immense reflexes can be used to attack and counter instead of just defensive purposes. Because his body moves without the use of his brain he is free to strategize and, with the correct judgment, can dodge a wider variety of attacks, even in a weakened condition. Since his body moves on reflex and not reaction, feints and illusionary techniques are useless against him. He can fight without having to think about the moves he makes, his reflexes automatically adapt perfectly to all factors achieving maximum efficiency in offense, defense, and strategy, ensuring optimal success. Alternatively Whis can decide to make movements involuntary and automatic in every way. He could not only make simple movements without needing to think, but can do tasks and use skills involuntarily with ease. Because he doesn't have to use his brain to make such movements, he can freely think on his own while making good judgement. He can perform movements no matter how complex. This can be used for multitasking. Whis thought Sky this.

Basics: Sky knows the basics of Fighting including Flight and Ki use.

•False God Arts: Liquir's Blade: Sky's palm turns into an orange Ki blade that he can use to fight with.

•False God Arts: Iwen's hellfire: Sky leaps into the air and fires down diamond shaped Ki blasts at his opponent.

•Spring Fallout: A smaller version of Frieza's Earth breaker.

•All Mitsuzo attacks: All of Mitsuzo's attacks. Read his attacks on his Instagram page @Mitsuz0

•Mitsuzo Ablities


-Capsules: Sky usually carries Capsules including the pocket version of the Hyperbolic Sky chamber. It's time is the same as outside and it's way smaller but still considerably big.

-Silver Limit Shatter: Sky carries his limit shatter sword.

-Suitcase Suit: Sky sometimes brings out the Golden Limit Breaker suit which takes all of his inner energy and makes it outer energy. He only uses this when fighting dangerous opponents as it could cause him to pass out or die from too much use.


•Sky's personality is based off Gotenks and Deadpool and the admin.

•Sky breaks the fourth wall due to his admin believing there are so many serious characters and there should be ONE character different from the rest.

•Sky's age is unknown because I wanted him to remain a child but there's certain things a child cannot get away with. So he has the body of a child but his age is over 18. He may be 23. He may be 1000. It is simply unknown.

•Sky is an outlaw

•The admin would love to be trained under Goku Black or just Goku.

•Sky isn't afraid to kill especially if he's angry.

•The Hit Arc is 30 posts.

•Sky (the admin) was considered to be a leader

IMG 0956

in the community along with Broly_, @Friezacold, and Cory (Venus, Black, Bebi, Zarbon, etc)

•Sky wants to become a god of destruction or atleast be in the running to become the next one.

•Do to extreme training in his base form through the 3 years the character has existed, Sky's base form is Tournament of Power level.

IMG 4078

•The admin would love to fight people like Black, Nexus, Broly, Goku, Alucard, Venus, and Rigor. The last two especially as he wants to kill Rigor and possibly Venus before Venus and Rigor leave the community. If not fight them, team up with.

•In a list created by Sage and given a 60(good)/40(ehh), Sky ranked the strongest fighter in quantum Hole (Not counting Apollon and Leonidas of course)

•Chapter 244 (Training for the tournament Saga, Sky Kaioken training) is one of the admin's favorite writings that he can remember.

•Sky trains genuinely. He trains in his base, he's worked on automatic reaction, he's worked on perfect Ki control. He does push ups, set ups, and weight lifts along with gravity training (to increase his speed) in RPS.